Born and raised in an artistic environment in the outskirts of Budapest. She started creating at an early age. At age 9 her dream was to become a film director but later on - influenced by her adolescence - she decided to study fashion design first. After her studies in fashion, her love for drawing and interest in storytelling led her to make animation. She got accepted at MOME where she graduated at the age 27. Her graduation film called ‘Entopia’ was premiered at the 69th Berlinale, received the 33th Teddy Award. Right after her graduation she became an intern at MIYU Productions where later she made her first professional film - in co-production with Boddah - called ‘27’ . The film was finished in the beginning of 2023 and it had its premier at Festival de Cannes where it won the Palme D’or for short films not long after it received the Crystal of Annecy Festival. The film was developed at ASF (Animation Sans Frontiére) , developed and pre-produced at the Open Workshop Residency in Viborg, Denmark, and received the CICLIC Award at the MIFA Pitch Forum at Annecy Festival. The production was taking place in Paris, in Budapest and in the CICLIC Residency in Vendôme. Currently she is developing new projects, installations and paintings and started to create hand-crocheted headpieces that brings her closer to fashion again. She is using art and filmmaking as a tool to communicate. One of her main goals is to keep searching for new ways of creating diverse universes, telling honest stories and finding a way to create an artistic project out of her recent interest, with an open mind. 

  1. directing 
  2. illustration
  3. painting
  4. art direction
  5. dream logic
  6. fashion

contact : budaflora@gmail.com